Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Get a discount on UI 13 by using my name

I'm excited about teaching a full-day workshop on "Usability Testing Guerilla Techniques: Collecting User Data on A Shoestring" at UI 13, which is happening in Cambridge, MA on October 13-16. For the full program, see http://www.uie.com/events/uiconf/2008/.

Much of the material for the session will be based on my new book (with Jeff Rubin), Handbook of Usability Testing Second Edition. BUT this time, we're focusing on the budgets of usability testing. If you have $50 what should you do with it? If you have $50,000 what's the best way to spend it in the context of usability testing?

I will share a minimal budget and schedule for a usability study, walking through the costs and schedule for planning, recruiting participants, designing tasks, moderating the study, and analyzing the results. I'll also show you how to produce effective results with even less money and time. We'll talk about what parts of the process you can live without, and which essentials you’ll need to keep.

When you register for the conference, use my last name -- chisnell -- in the promo code and get a discount! If you sign up using "chisnell" as the promotion code, you will receive $30 off each single day registration. If you sign up for all 4 days, you get $120 off *and* a free limited-edition UI13 Flip Ultra video camcorder.

Here's a secret: You don't have to sign up for my workshop to get the discount; you can sign up for any of the great offerings. But you can still use my name.

Pass it on...

Thanks. Looking forward to seeing you in Cambridge in October.

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