Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Just vote.

Though many people who are eligible to vote were hindered (but not prevented from) registering; though there are obstacles to getting to precincts like having to work or not having transportation; though we have all read and heard the many stories about problems with voting machines -- a vote has rarely counted for so much in the history of America.

Please vote today.

If you will vote on paper: fill in the bubble completely, or join the arrow.

If you will vote on an electronic machine: check the review screen and the paper record if there is one.

And get your "I voted!" sticker.


  1. While the instructions lady was not very helpful, the ballot in my district was actually easy to follow. I left fairly certain I voted correctly. :)

  2. MSNBC was reporting this afternoon that the "complete the arrow" ballots that were used in Palm Beach, FL (last month? I don't know what they were voting for) 1-in-10 were incorrectly filled out. People would "X" between the arrows, or circle the whole line… anything but "complete" the arrow. :-( FAIL.

    And here in MA, they apparently didn't have the "I Voted" stickers at several locations, including mine. Also FAIL.