Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Plain language is important. Reward the best of it.

The Center for Plain Language just announced its first awards program.

Nominations are due Feb. 15, and you can find the nomination forms here:

It's a simple form to fill out, and this year there is no entry fee.

The Center is calling its award for good plain language and design the ClearMark Award.
There will also be an award for confusing language, called the WonderMark Award. (Hmmm. wonder what that could mean?)

The center is looking for submissions from anyone who has worked on, read, or knows of outstandingly good or unclear language use in government (any level), nonprofits, and corporate America.

For the WonderMarkAward, we are especially interested in humorous examples or examples that you know caused someone harm because of a lack of clarity.

The Center will present the awards at the first ClearMark Awards ceremony at the National Press Club, Thursday evening, April 29. We expect to feature a comedic entertainer, so please join us for an evening of satiric fun. A link to purchase tickets will go up on the website soon.

If you have any questions, please contact Annetta Cheek at

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