Tuesday, September 7, 2010

IDEA 2010 Discount Code

You could go to the IDEA 2010 conference web site and key in the Konami Code (up up down down left right left right b a) to find out the phrase to enter when you register to get a 10% discount. Or, you could just type in FuzzyBunny in the promo code field.

(By the way, keying in the Konami Code on the web site seems to work in Safari but not in Firefox.) 

See you in Philly! There I'll be doing a break out session with Yoni Knoll about one of the oldest design problems around, voting:

Design Studio for World Peace: Designers affecting change in elections

Did you know our 43rd president was chosen because of a decision made about font size? Yep, in 2000, thousands of voters did not vote as they intended because of the way their ballot was designed.

If you're interested in the voting experience, service design, and world peace, come to our breakout. There, you'll get a chance to redesign a ballot used in a real election, discuss the design constraints, and learn how you can get involved in election design where you live.

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