Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mastering the art of user resarch - a new seminar for UI 14

This month, we're back to school. No, I'm not doing a graduate degree. But I am doing a lot of teaching. Today it's UI 14 that I want to tell you about: a special seminar I've developed, and a discount on registration.

Mastering the Art of User Research: 
Stress-free, Advanced Techniques for Creating Great Designs

For folks who feel solid on basic methodology for usability testing and user research, I've developed "Mastering the Art of User Research" just in time for User Interface 14 (or UI 14 if you're on friendly terms with UIE, producers of the conference), being held in Boston, Massachusetts on November 1-3.

I developed this seminar because I was thinking of you.

You know there's an art to making research valuable to the team and integral to design. You know how to design and conduct a good study, but you're thinking there just have to be shortcuts to make the process smarter. I bet you're the kind of person who is always teasing out ways to get the most out of every opportunity you have to be with users -- without trading off rigor.

In this seminar, I'll step through advanced techniques that will help you master your craft. You'll learn ways seasoned pros speed up planning, data collecting, and reporting. These technques will lighten your load, net you more and better data than you're getting with your current practices, and -- the best part -- will get the team excited about the design direction the data suggests.

Because you're actually asking more of your participants and your team, you'll have better, richer relationships with them. Participants will help you learn more than ever. The team will help you know what they care about and what to do about it.

You'll learn how to:

 - Get participants to recruit and document data for you.
 - Get a head start on data analysis during sessions.
 - Get consensus on observations on the fly.
 - Get the design team to prioritize issues in record time.
 - Generate short, focused communications that will help the team internalize results.

Come having practiced the classic processes for planning, designing, carrying out, and analyzing data for usability tests and the more common user research methods and techniques. This is not learning to cook cheese soup in Home Ec. This is advanced knife skills and saucing at the Cordon Bleu. This is riffing on a classic recipe to create something that is easier, quicker, tastier. I'm thinking 30-minute cassoulet.

Registration discount: Use my name and get $50 off of each day of registration

When you go to to sign up for UI 14, in the Promotion code box, just type in CHISNELL. If you register for all three days of the conference, you get $150 off the full registration AND a set of Bose headphones. Very cool.

UI 14 has an awesome line-up of speakers. Check out the program and register with the CHISNELL promotion code here:

See you in Boston in November.

Thanks for letting me interrupt you briefly. Now, back to our regularly scheduled program.

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