Friday, September 18, 2009

Getting the right people in the room: Recruiting

Nothing is more important to a study than the appropriateness of the participants. But many of us actively resist being involved in recruiting. Is it fear? Is it loathing? Is it the time it takes?

On September 30th, I'm giving a UIE virtual seminar about getting the right participants in the room. I'll talk about recruiting for user research and usability tests:
  • how to get participants to help you find other participants
  • how to source creatively
  • how to eliminate no-shows
  • why you (as the researcher) should really consider doing the recruiting yourself. 

Watch a preview! Then sign up. (Check out the bundle UIE has put together: My virtual seminar, along with Beth Loring's upcoming virtual seminar about moderating usability tests, along with a bonus report from UIE, Recruiting without fear -- for an excellent price.)

September 30, 1:30pm Eastern Time. See you then!

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